Collect customer feedback on the spot.

Let your customers send you feedback using their phones.

  • No more old fashioned paper forms.
  • Capture your customers' emails and send them offers and promotions.
  • Place your QR codes wherever you want and start getting answers.

Start capturing feedback in 3 easy steps.

1. Create you survey

It doesn't take longer than 5 minutes to create your survey. Use our templates to save time and get ideas about what to ask.

2. Get you QR code

Download the QR code associated with your survey and place it wherever you like (napkins, placemats, packages, etc.)

3. Collect feedback

You can go to your account and see what feedback you are getting. Also, download all those email addresses from actual customers.

Johnny B.Good Restaurant: 600 answers & new emails per month.

Johnny B.Good needed to know how they were doing serving their customers and capture their email addresses. Feedmob gave them the solution and they have continued using it since then.

In order to get more responses, all the people that sent their emails participated in a drawing of a dinner for two people.

What they accomplished using Feedmob:

JBG needed the QR code to be visible at all times so they decided to put it on their placemats.

Results after one month:
  • 2.005 people scanned the QR code.
  • 600 people answered the 6 question survey they created.
  • 400 people gave their email addresses to participate in the drawing for a free dinner.
  • Due to the success in terms of insight about their customers and new emails collected, they will implement this survey on all their franchises.

Create your free customer feedback survey now! Need more info? No problem, See how it works